CPR Consultants Annual 2022 Subscription


Completion of this form by an authorised Council, officially binds both parties to the terms of this CPR Consultants service provision contract. Note, this combined Order Form and Contract, covers all subscriber rights to the cprlifesaver website, including the cprlifesaver-application, https://cprlifesaver.co.nz/cprlifesaver-application/

    I am authorised on behalf of the

    • Payment is by direct banking to detail:
      CPR 2022 Subscription Account Number: 06 0101 0669168 00

    • The current 2022 subscription is $3,500 excl. GST

    Further information

    This order and 2022 subscription form is the basis for and evidence of a contract to supply access to all public and premium protected "paywalled" content pages of the CPR Consultants website at https://cprlifesaver.co.nz.

    • Your Council will be assigned a unique code to provide complete access to the CPR Consultants site. Your subscription permits use by any current Council employee (and at your discretion, Council Elected Members) to use the CPR website resources.

    • Your access is provided in strict compliance with the agreed usage and copyright provisions detailed at https://cprlifesaver.co.nz/terms-conditions/. Please refer to the bolded "Policy Subscription and Participation - Terms" ... copyright paragraph.

    • This 2022 version of the site includes "the most" current available data. Current data is principally based on audited Council financial statements dated 30 June 2021. Where more up-to-date data sourced from other official and audited sources is available, both 2021 and 2022 data is incorporated.

    PLEASE NOTE: On clicking "Send" below, you will receive a confirmation email containing a copy of your application in PDF format. Please print it, sign it, and mail an original signed copy to:

    Larry Mitchell, Principal - CPR Consultants
    1/19 Beulah Avenue, Rothesay Bay, Auckland NZ 0630