Reports: cprlifesaver developed reports to date

Important Note:

The “dead” text –cprlifesaver reports … “of the website based 396 Reports – 101 Measures” are now accessible for subscribers with the most current of IT developments.

Two significant utilities have been added to the earlier versions of this site. These are the Report Generator and the Dashboard presentation.

  • Report Generator … it’s ready to run

This exciting… and recent, Report Generator (RG) development, as its name suggests, it is a fully functioning interactive user-specified “generator of reports”.

As is foreshadowed in the 2020 Evaluation package … the RG covers … “A *complete dataset for your evaluation A Total of 376 Reports - 95 Measures - and a Report Generator".

*The report generator’s reach covers the bulk of the existing cprlifesaver hard-coded reports.

The beauty of the RG … from a user/subscriber standpoint, is its ability to serve up user-specified reports of this section of the cprlifesaver database (a selection from over 250,000 line “financial data” items) to produce flexible customised reporting.

  • Dashboard developments

The cprlifesaver application and the CPR Consultants site is progressively moving to a full coverage, interactive Dashboard presentation.

Like most of our developments, progress will depend on the take-up of subscriptions for our cprlifesaver application.

The model posted at present on the site is a “Demonstration” only version with limited interactive capability … as yet. Watch this space … and with your help imagine the development possibilities of the Dashboard format … covering “all” cprlifesaver content.

The flowchart is extremely important. It is the entry for the eight sections of the cprlifesaver reports AND includes the download PDFs of all of the section content. For example,


Note: The 2020 reports are (complimentary/freebie) for your evaluation

A complete dataset for your evaluation

"A Total of 396 Reports - 101 Measures"

[Note: The 2021 reports follow this schematic, but in addition present you with your own customised dropdown menu-driven report writing]



  • SECTION 5:

    Average Residential Rates

    7 reports (19 pages)

    "This section focuses on the usual “popular” rates-related issues. It uses a residential rate base sourced from the Taxpayer Union & Ratepayers' Alliance sources."

  • SECTION 6:

    Rates - "Vital Stats"

    6 reports (15 pages)

    "This "Rates" section, derives its data from two sources. Firstly, the DIA datasets and; Secondly, supplemented by The Taxpayer Union & Ratepayers' Alliance's surveys. Note: use of the Per Ratepayer base, normalises the reporting between comparable Councils... numbers of households is a surrogate for ratepayer numbers."

  • SECTION 7:

    A Composite Income Index

    12 reports (25 pages)

    "Some socio-economic factors, those that influence a Council and its ratepayer’s ability to pay for Council services, are reported and included within a composite income index table."

  • SECTION 8:

    Niceties to Amenities

    4 reports (8 pages)

    "The Niceties to Amenities ratio gives a quick rule of thumb perspective of the mix of Council expenditures - Niceties... nice to haves, Amenities... doing stuff."

  • SECTION 9:

    Residential Rates Survey

    completed and added June 2021

    20 reports (42 pages)

    "A complete data set of useful New Zealand local government financial and economic statistics, relevant to Council Residential Rates"

    Note, this Section 9 - recently developed - is not included in the evaluation package and the 2021 version uses 2020 Council data.