The Full cprlifesaver Package 2020 (evaluation model)

"The cprlifesaver 2020 reports – a complete package of all 2020 measures provided to all - for assessment and familiarization purposes.”

Note: The evaluation model is exactly as the term describes. It is a package of all of our reports from 2020 so that subscribers can gain a very good appreciation of the content and value of the cprlifesaver package.

"The live data and Report Generator are 2021 developments available to subscribers - these are shown in two separate buttons under this marketing tab."

Important note to subscribers:

Your evaluation of our the cprlifesaver 2020 models and reports, on the current website will give you an excellent appreciation of the value of these reports.


This year's ... the 2021 Version, has two new significant improvements.

Firstly: Our 2021 version now for the first time includes five years of time series data (2016-2020).

This data is displayed in the tables and the graphs of the cprlifesaver measures-reports.

Your ability to extrapolate-plan forward is greatly enhanced.

Secondly: We have developed a cprlifesaver “Report Generator” ... featuring dropdown menus for user-specified report writing, featuring for example:

  • Picking lists of your own comparable or regional Council groupings.
  • Customised titles of your own cprlifesaver charts and graphs reports.
  • And ... numerous “what if” bespoke projection possibilities.

The anatomy of the cprlifesaver Council Performance Measures-Benchmarks

The cprlifesaver datasets

The reports, graphs, statistical tables, matrices and ratios, report a total of 376 measures. These are displayed within Council comparative groupings and report all of the sector and individual Council’s vital statistics, including best in class, highest-lowest, averages, and rankings.

Our platform

The cprlifesaver platform comprises:

  • Council vital statistics reported within the 376 financial and economic measures
  • Displayed both with graphs, tables, matrices etc, and
  • In 2021 we have introduced our user interface Report Generator - available now for all subscribers.

Our inventory of cprlifesaver measures is continuously being supplemented and improved. The full 2021 cprlifesaver package titled “Version 2-2021” has two pathways - web pages and the user-interface dropdown Report Generator.

Pathways to our reports

There are two forms in which our reports are presented:

  • Webpage and PDF content which are outlined in the helicopter view of the flow chart. The detailed data sheets and other reports can be accessed from within the eight PDFs, or
  • From the dropdown menus of the Report Generator which provides a direct method of Councils and others selecting measures and recording them in their own customized format.

Navigation - of our flow chart and report entry points

The flow chart and entry points that follow are:

  • The flow chart shows all eight cprlifesaver measures, and
  • In brief summaries gives some idea of the content of each section and its measures.

Our data sources

Our data is taken from impeccable public audited sources. They are derived from Council supplied Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) developed information, which has been taken directly from current Council statutory annual financial statement reporting.

The DIA and other government agencies (information), is supplemented with, for example, rating survey data supplied by the Taxpayers Union (a big thank you to them)... Statistics New Zealand, LGNZ reports and their website, as well as publically available reports from a wide range of local government actors.

Reporting formats

The two pathways of our CPR reporting are: the web pages, comprising ratios, ranked listings, graphs and charts that are all grouped within five (excluding Auckland Council alone) - like-with-like Council cohorts.

All reports wherever possible are presented in a consistent format which includes data sheets, stat boxes, graphs, and where necessary helpful tips or other explanatory information.

The Report Generator

The Report Generator’s database is driven off over 250,000 lines and/or data points. Telephone and online assistance is included in the cprlifesaver subscription to assist your people to get the greatest benefit from our enormous resource.


Note: The 2020 reports are (complimentary/freebie) for your evaluation

A complete dataset for your evaluation

"A Total of 376 Reports - 95 Measures - and a Report Generator"

[Note: The 2021 reports follow this schematic, but in addition present you with your own customised dropdown menu-driven report writing]



  • SECTION 5:

    Average Residential Rates

    7 reports (19 pages)

    "This section focuses on the usual “popular” rates-related issues. It uses a residential rate base sourced from the Taxpayer Union & Ratepayers' Alliance sources."

  • SECTION 6:

    Rates - "Vital Stats"

    6 reports (15 pages)

    "This "Rates" section, derives its data from two sources. Firstly, the DIA datasets and; Secondly, supplemented by The Taxpayer Union & Ratepayers' Alliance's surveys. Note: use of the Per Ratepayer base, normalises the reporting between comparable Councils... numbers of households is a surrogate for ratepayer numbers."

  • SECTION 7:

    A Composite Income Index

    12 reports (25 pages)

    "Some socio-economic factors, those that influence a Council and its ratepayer’s ability to pay for Council services, are reported and included within a composite income index table."

  • SECTION 8:

    Niceties to Amenities

    4 reports (8 pages)

    "The Niceties to Amenities ratio gives a quick rule of thumb perspective of the mix of Council expenditures - Niceties... nice to haves, Amenities... doing stuff."