Why CPR exists ... updated to August 2021


  • Consider this … “How often has your Council faced the situation where a new policy initiative requires the daunting task for your staff, of obtaining the underlying research data and information necessary for the comprehensive analysis needed to provide solutions to your own economic, financial or organisational policy problems?
  • Without ready access to a useful body of analytical knowledge, the difficulty and cost of sourcing such information may, merely by default, lead to your use of expensive, external third-party consultancy … when you would much have preferred to have “kept the exercise in house”.
  • This is where the “Comparative Performance and Research” … of the “CPR” product-website comes to your assistance.
  • The 2019 version of the CPR site has been purpose-built to meet most of your financial, economic and performance policy development information needs. The inclusion of other Council fields-disciplines await future developments.
  • The 2021 version of the CPR site contains all of the August 2021 enhancements to the site. These include inter alia: the Residential Rates report and survey, a fully interactive operative Report Generator, and a demo model of a Dashboard presentation.