Comparative Section


This Comparative section of the website contains the plethora (and expanding population) of comparative mostly statistically based specialised CPR reports … the graphs, tables, ratios, statistics all of which address policy issues within a NZ Council Comparative context as described in more detail elsewhere.

Sample reports

These are sample reports only and are still "underdevelopment". Many more tables and graphical presentations will follow. We are working on more user friendly formats, intelligible as well and with added tips for "findings". These "special statistical reports" have all or some of the following characteristics

  • Rankings ... generally by largest numeric/$ to lowest
  • Within groups of like with like Councils
  • Compared in a column to a variety of (national total/group) averages
  • Reported with the ubiquitous "Stats Box" showing a standard set of stats for the relevant factor being shown.
  • Each Stats Box contains each of the five group averages highest/lowest of the national total and the Standard Deviation ... from the national average.
  • Note: Bespoke custom built to order statistical and other special reportage can be considered on a case by case basis and paid for separately.