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The CPR Blog, as its name suggests, is a clearing house for:
  • Contributions from Councils ... firms involved in doing business with Councils ... not-for-profits ... New Zealand communities ... interested parties ... and the general public ... on all financial and economic matters, the business of the cprlifesaver application.

Disappearing Financial Reserves … Sinking without a trace.

Remember the Sinking Funds? For those of us who have been in the game long enough to remember the (now unfashionable) use of local government financial Sinking Funds, their demise coincided with an explosion of Council debt. This huge accumulation of Council debt has arisen over the last decade or more and should come as no surprise given the growing New Zealand economy’s dire need of long life asset creation. […]

I’ve been thinking … Wazzup with The CPR site?

The NZ Council “CPR Consultants” web-based resource … a “Lifesaver for busy Council analysts” Recent marketing emails and hand delivered flyers have heralded the launch of a new, special purpose, subscription-based website designed for “busy Council financial, economic and performance improvement Analysts.” The essence of this initiative is the provision of the most cost-effective, entry level access to both ubiquitous and ground-breaking policy analysis support … for all NZ Councils. […]

The CPR Philosophy

Taken from the CPR’s website “Terms of Trade” The CPR philosophy is central to the way the blog will operate. A tone of cooperative collegiality is our objective … and will lead, it is hoped, to “our” blog becoming a forum and clearinghouse for constructive, thoughtful commentary and courteous dialogue. Quote: The New Zealand Local Government (Council) scene is small … but it is “perfectly formed”. While not large by […]